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Bullitt and Annie by Stella Rowlett.

Dear friend Marily Wilson with Astrid.. Marily has since passed away.

Judge Jackie Dew and Marily with her beloved cocker.

Astrid judging Junior Handling in Canada 1999.

With Delores Guillou on vacation in a far off land 2017.

Astrid, Sharon Gerling and Delores Guillou 2017.

Steve and Delores.

Steve, Astrid, Opa, and Candace Christmas Eve 2015.

Partners in crime Susan Lee and Astrid.

Patricia Elkins and Bryon Santos at ringside.

Astrid and Bill Monohon on an old business card years ago.

Sonja and Michaela Garloff of Bodega Cockers.

The Gaga Girls at Woolfstock.

Astrid and Judy Bjelland.

Candace and Killa.

In New York with Stella, Steve and Candace.

Wild dudes Astrid, Susan, and Harley

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