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Astrid Lawrence
Professional handler
Phone: 425-891-4870

I began showing American Cocker Spaniels in the 1980s as an owner-handler. Over the years, I began to show other breeds. As a professional handler, I have had the privilege of showing American Staffordshire Terriers, Brittany’s, Chinese Shar-Pei, English Cocker Spaniels, and Bernese Mountain Dogs, to name a few.
I have traveled to prestigious shows such as Westminster, Eukanuba,
The American Spaniel Club, Great Western, and many other out-of-state Specialties.

I am only handling American Cocker Spaniels now and I concentrate on a selective group of high-quality dogs to take to shows.
We always strive to provide proper care for the dogs entrusted to us
and to make showing fun!
We are a licensed kennel.
We board, transport, care for, and groom our client dogs.
*I no longer accept ringside pickups.

Terms and conditions
For our client's convenience, we bill monthly for all services rendered.
All bills are to be paid in full before the return of dogs.
A deposit of $500 is needed and will be credited to the final bill.
All entry fees, veterinarian fees, medication, special diets, and all phone
calls are to be paid by the client.
All dogs must have current health records.
Dogs contracted for any given show pay full rate and assessment of fees
if pulled after the close of entry.
In case of ring conflict, priority will be at Astrid's discretion.
If necessary, a competent substitute handler will be chosen to take your dog in the ring and you will be charged full fees.
If no competent handler is available, your dog will be marked as absent.
Travel expenses will be equally divided between clients, which include hotel, gas, plane ticket, grooming space, assistant, etc.
Charges are due and payable upon presentation.
15% interest will be assessed monthly on accounts more than 30 days old.

Fees and Charges
All Breed Shows
Base Fee*: $85
Special*: $110
Best in Show: $500
Group One: $100
Group Two: $90
Group Three: $80
Group Four: $70

Specialty Shows
Base Fee-(includes Sweeps)*: $125
Best of Breed: $300
Best of Opposite Sex: $250
Best in Sweeps**: $50
Best of Opposite in Sweeps**: $25

National Specialty: $500 + Expenses
*Base fee includes grooming.
**Sweeps/Futurity money goes to the handler.

New Client Dog:
To initially set pattern and grooming is $85 additional.

Boarding Charges:
Puppies to nine months $12.50 a day/Over nine months $15.00 a day.

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